Interested in knowing what I dabble in when I’m not working at my day job?

Here are some of the projects I’m either working on or worked on in the past!

Bitten Apps

Most of my iOS apps are published under Bitten Apps.


Open-source Razer drivers for macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and up.

I’ve released some COVID-related stuff on this weird era.

Other Open Source

While that I try to publish most of my apps in the App Store, I also do some stuff from time to time that Apple doesn’t quite approve of. These are apps that I end up using daily, so it would be a waste to not release them anywhere! As of that, I end up releasing those as open-source. Some examples are below…


An alternative feed for Instagram.

Seed Truck

A native app to manage seedboxes.

And other stuff!

Just check my GitHub profile here for more ramblings!